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How to Buy the Best Garbage Disposal When it comes to waste disposal, not many people feel excited to discuss the topic. As a result, many people do carry out investigations or inquire from others on the best garbage disposal unit but rather blindly make a purchase from the vendors. If you have the right facts; you can purchase the best model. There are several key factors that you need to consider when deciding which disposal is good for you. The most important key features of a disposal unit that you need to consider are the horsepower, feed type, and its durability. Horsepower strength Different units have different Horsepower. The horsepower ranges between 1/2 , 3/4 and 1 horsepower disposal. A horsepower that is high means that the disposal can grind food particles that are hard. While making a purchase, it is important that you note that some garbage disposal units are not sold with the power cords and hence a need of purchasing them differently. The Disposal’s Feed Type The continuous feed disposal feed units are the most common disposal units. These feeds operate when a switch is turned on and can be continually fed with waste while still running. Water is turned on to enter the feed, it is then switched on and garbage continually fed to it to the end and then it is turned off, the water is lastly closed.
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The only slight difference between the batch feeds and the continuous feeds is that the batch feed does not the automatic switch for turning it on. These models use a plug placed in the drain that is turned to act as a switch, and when you have finished grinding the waste you turn the plug the other way to switch it off.
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Durability Most people complain about the disposals being leaky. Disposals that are made of stainless steel are more durable. Stainless steel will not rust and therefore there is no chances of it leaking at any given time. The ease at which you can install your disposal. However, most disposal units in the market today are manufactured in a manner that allows them to be easily installed. The new models of garbage disposal units do not produce much noise as the previous models. It is advisable that before you embark on buying a garbage disposal, you carry out a research on the available models to make out the best. Going through the reviews available online on the different models you will be in a position of ascertaining which one is best. You can also check the manufacturers’ websites to identify the different features and make a comparison on which model is best.